Infrastructure & Marine Consultants - The Team

Collectively, we’re proud to say our team is simply the best of the best and very well diversified in their trade. When Dave looks at a new project, he knows which parts of the team to assemble with 100% confidence.

David Gillson Marine Infrastructure
David B. Gillson

CPPM, Principal, Senior Project Manager

Mr. Gillson has over thirty years of experience in construction, site demolition & redevelopment, environmental remediation, marine construction including ports, harbors.  Gillson has completed projects in the power generation industry including nuclear power, hydroelectric and coal fired plants. Hazardous material & site mitigation, marine construction, inspection, and survey work for the EPA in both regions V and VI. The scope of his project experience includes work on commercial docks, nuclear power plants, pipelines, hydroelectric stations, bridges, and marine spills and remediation. His professional pursuits have entailed the effective exercise of both executive decision-making and hands-on project and construction management.  Construction management includes responsibilities for overall project master schedule, safety, coordination of schedule updates for general contractors and sub-contractors, project budgets and cash flow estimates, monitoring daily construction activities, daily construction reports, project payable quantities and pay requests, review and approval of change orders and RFI’s, conflict resolution, project close-outs and final reporting.

Gordon Horbison Project Manager
Gordon F. Harbison

Senior Project Manager

Gordon Harbison is a skilled and versatile civil engineer, working on marine, rail and construction projects. In addition to his engineering skills he brings a full complement of management and administrative skills enhanced by his MBA. Harbison’s experience is comprised of over thirty-two years of progressive experience in the railroad industry and seven years working for Krech Ojard & Associates. This experience provided Harbison with vast and intimate knowledge applicable to projects dealing with bridge, building, fuel tank, air, hydraulic, water line and electrical replacements, maintenance, waterfront dock projects and underwater dam construction.
Nathan Pierce Commercial Diver
Nathan Pierce

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Pierce has over 20 years in the construction/marine construction industries. He has very strong organizational, written and oral communication skills that blend very well with his extensive mechanical, heavy equipment and construction experience. His background includes working as both a carpenter and pile driver and advancing through the supervisory roles to project management. He has provided project management on private, military and government facilities and holds a State of California Class A Contractors License and his Bridge Inspection Certification through the U.S. Department of Transportation. Mr. Pierce is a seasoned commercial diver who received his training with the U.S Navy and has managed numerous marine construction projects within the military and oil & gas industries.
Kenneth Jorgensen Commercial Diver and Senior Project Manager​
Kenneth D. Jorgensen

Senior Project Manager​

Mr. Jorgensen has fifteen years’ experience in the marine construction and environmental fields. He has provided construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) on private, military, and government level projects throughout the United States. He has supervised field crews during several national disaster responses. He has been involved in the development and supervision of numerous projects which have received national recognition for excellence. In addition, he is a seasoned commercial diver, Unexpoded Ordinance Expert Technician (UXO), certified underwater bridge inspector, certified in Non-Destructive Testing and has extensive technical underwater construction experience ranging from the offshore drilling industry to inland marine projects and environmental responses
Allan Woodward PE
Allan J Woodward

Electrical Engineer | Senior Project Manager

Allan Woodward has thirty-eight years of experience in the design and installation of control systems, including field instruments and numerous industrial auxiliary equipment. Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota and California. Strength is working with multiple disciplines including contractors and internal departments.

David Oakes Infrastructure Project Manager
David M. Oakes

Engineer, Senior Project Manager

Dave Oakes is a Senior Project Manager and considered an Industrial Facility Expert.
Oakes utilizes over 35 years of project development, engineering design, project controls and facility construction background to complete projects from development stages to commissioning.

Ted Smith Infrastructure Marine Project Manager
Ted Smith

CM, PM, Senior Project Manager

Mr. Smith has over 42 years of construction experience. Mr. Smith is considered and expert in both marine construction & dredging. His marine construction experience includes pile driving of sheet pile, pipe pile, H-pile, rubble mound construction of breakwalls, ports/harbors and dock construction for both recreational and commercial use. Pipeline installation including water intakes. Dredging projects include mechanical dredging, hydraulic dredging with cutter and auger heads, as well as numerous different disposal designs and options. Other marine related projects include Mr. Smith background has also included environmental remediation projects in both land and marine environments.

Jerry Mehl Infrastructure Project Manager
Jerry Mehl

Safety, Senior Project Manager​

Mr. Mehl has over 53 years of experience in the diving industry including being an air, gas and saturation diver from 1965 to 1994. During Mr. Mehl’s diving career he has worked for one year in the Middle East, 8 years in the North Sea, 2 ½ years in Mexico, 2 ½ years in West Africa, 2 years in China and Singapore, with various projects within the United States. He has been involved in a number of firsts: Installation of the first Hydrocouple in the lntracoastal Canal; Installation of the first nuclear powered subsea completion unit for Martin Marietta Corp and Sinclair Oil; Installation of the first underwater oil storage facility off Dubai; and installation of the first SBM in the Persian Gulf.
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